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The mission of Vendor Neutral Archive Institute of Technology is to provide healthcare personnel the most up-to-date industry information in a convenient online setting.

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Available Courses

  • This session will discuss the history and needs for a VNA within a healthcare organization; the current state and future potential of the VNA; how a VNA can integrate the EMR, DICOM, HL7, MWL, Non DICOM, etc.; a look at real-world VNA utilization at Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins; and a look at the future for VNA technologies in the clinical practice.
  • This session will discuss the challenges of managing digital data in Radiation Oncology and the M.D. Anderson solution. Participants will learn more about: Informatics in Radiation Oncology including data use and generation by CT scanners, Treatment Planning Systems, Image Guided Linear Accelerators and more.
  • This session will: help you understand the differences between native clinical image objects vs. DICOM wrapped objects; illustrate the clinical workflows supported by the different paradigms (native or DICOM wrapped); outline the advantages and disadvantages of each approach through case study analysis of two healthcare facilities; and assist you in understanding the decision points to consider in determine the approach best for your healthcare facility.
  • In this session you will learn more about how a VNA solution provides complete enterprise image management for a healthcare system. You will also learn more about the levers used to make a VNA decision by a large academic medical center. Finally, a revisioning of enterprise imaging is presented.
  • The audience that attends this presentation should come away with a better understanding of: experiences and insights based on our efforts at Mayo over the past decade to build an enterprise image management solution that has as its primary goal – to provide access to any image, anywhere, anytime for patient care; and a look at the evolving landscape of enterprise medical imaging – with focus on approaches to exchange images and related information between medical providers, community networks, and care facilities.
    • The audience that attends this presentation should come away with a better understanding of: how Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA) are currently implemented in New South Wales, Australia and how that differs from the United States' application; how the Enterprise Imaging Repository (VNA) can create a Health Imaging Exchange; how the EIR can enhance imaging and patient care coordination; how an EIR can bring together multiple systems across a territory the size of Texas; how the pilot program has worked so far.
      • This course, courtesy of Joseph L. Marion of Healthcare Integration Strategies, LLC, provides a review and definition of cloud-based storage and content management. Other topics of discussion include the objectives of cloud application and technology considerations and challenges. Finally, learn about out Cloud Storage as a solution for disaster recovery, business continuity, encryption and security.
      • Professionals from leading health care law firm Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, P.C. and vendor neutral archive provider FUJIFILM TeraMedica, Inc. will address this increasingly important and consequential topic. Please join Mark Garsombke, J.D., from Hall Render and Nathan Gurgel, Product Manager from FUJIFILM TeraMedica for this on-demand session.

        • Presenter: Hanna Pohjonen, eHealth expert who has advised different eHealth projects in more than 20 countries. She is also an assistant professor of eHealth at Tallinn University of Technology. This course will include: how Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA) are currently implemented in Europe as part of regional and national data sharing projects - and how that differs from the United States' application; a discussion of the European Union's actions to facilitate and accelerate cross-border patient data exchange (why Europe is ahead of the U.S. in XDS utilization); a discussion of what healthcare institutions should ask their vendor in order to prepare to implement a VNA; and a discussion of extending data sharing to shared workflow across organizations.
          • In this course we will define what DICOM is and how it has evolved. We will also explore how DICOM is used daily in the healthcare realm. We will also Identify the 6 aspects of DICOM and discuss the standard parts of DICOM, DICOM Terminology & Entity Relationships, SOP (Service Object Pair) Class and IOD's (Information Object Definitions).

          • This is a continuation of our DICOM Basics course, the second in our DICOM series. In this course we will further explore IOD's (Information Object Definitions), Tags, Groups, Elements and Sequences, DICOM Encoding, Transfer Syntaxes (Endian and compression) and more.
          • Learn how Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA) can help with the many problems facing the health care system, based upon a CMIO's perspective. Discover what is changing in the world of medicine today. Learn how providers can attain easier access to all imaging data from within the EMR. Find out more about what problems and roadblocks a CMIO and CIO face on a daily basis and possible solutions.
          • Learn how a VNA solution will migrate Silo’d PACS to an Enterprise Image Archive, enable healthcare institutions to take control of the images and the storage management, and drive a universal clinical viewer. Without an enterprise imaging plan, healthcare institutions will face a data management problem and costly data migrations. More important, the physicians need a universal way to access and view the images, securely, anywhere and at anytime.

          • This course proposes a definition of a VNA that identifies different architecture levels and their specific functionality. The various components that make up the core of a healthcare image and information management system will be discussed. This course also provides the key advantages of a VNA compared to a proprietary solution.

          • The term Vendor Neutral ARCHIVE is used by many software vendors, including PACS vendors, to identify the archiving function of their product. This is the component used to reliably manage, store, retrieve, and query medical images and related information. Unfortunately, there is no official definition of the functionality of a VNA. A useful definition of the comprehensive Vendor Neutral ARCHITECTURE is that it copes with medical and consumer standards while being agnostic to database, operating system, image generating device and infrastructure. VNA offerings vary from vendor to vendor. The result is confusion among users due to the lack of a comparison of VNA functionality and features.

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